Castlewellan Holiday Week

Who We Are

Meet the committee of volunteers who organise and run Castlewellan Holiday Week. Please come and say hello to us during the week and ask us any questions about any areas of the week we can help you with.

 David Rock –  Chairman

As the chairperson of CHW David facilitates the organising group meetings during the year and co-ordinates the different aspects of the programme.

Helen Sweeney – Secretary

As Secretary to the Committee and CHW Helen’s work is spread throughout the year. Helen prepares agendas, takes minutes, writes emails, contacts lots of people and makes sure we have, hopefully, covered all eventualities. Helen prepares the Handbook in the weeks leading up to CHW and is the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to CHW. Contact Helen @

Bill Parkinson – Treasurer

As the Treasurer Bill looks after the finances for the Holiday Week, making sure everything is paid for and reminding the committee of what is within the budget.  

Lesley Donaldson – Booking Secretary

Whether you are staying on the field campsite, the public site, Dovecote, off site or in the castle Lesley will be the person to process your booking and conference fees. If you have any questions about the campsite facilities or accommodation in the castle Lesley can hopefully help with these too. Contact Lesley @[/two_third_last]

Jonny Best – Youth & Children’s Team Co-ordinator

Along with the Youth & Children’s Organising Team, Jonny co-ordinates the team of volunteers and the programme they run throughout the week for everyone from 3-18 years old. Contact Jonny & the Y&C Team @

Colin Parkinson – Technical Co-ordinator

Colin keeps everything working, ensuring all the marquees are set up, and organising his team of amazing technical volunteers.  

Dave Sweeney – Campsite Co-ordinator

On the campsite Dave is our person who will be able to tell you where to set up your caravan or tent and will help with any practicalities around the site.  

John & Patricia Stothers – Activities Co-ordinators

John & Patricia organise and run the afternoon activities throughout the week, providing a great variety of things for young and old to be a part of.

Jimbo McDowell – Open Afternoon Co-ordinator

Jimbo looks after Wednesday afternoons activities, including the famous water slide.

Worship Co-ordinator

The Worship Co-ordinator is responsible for co-ordinating the team who will organise worship in the main marquee.[/two_third_last]

Lisa Best – Evening Programme Co-ordinator

Lisa has joined the committee to help organise the evening events for the adults programme. [/two_third_last]

We rely on lots of other volunteers to run the week and make the whole event happen.