Castlewellan Holiday Week


When it comes to how to spend your afternoons at Castlewellan Holiday Week,
there will be a wide variety of Activities to choose from.
The programme is full of different afternoon activities
to cater for all ages and all abilities.


The Activities Booking Form LINK and detailed list of the week’s activities will be emailed to all those who have booked in for the week. See below for the PDF of all the ACTIVITIES available.



If you have booked in for CHW Book Club, or if you are going to then here is the book you need to read:

Drum roll please… our CHW Book Club read is GILEAD,
the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Marilynne Robinson. 
This book is described as a novel “ as big as a nation, as quiet as thought,
and moving as prayer.”  

Be ready for a thought provoking and emotional read.


Please remember when booking activities that your booking is not secure
until your payment has been received.


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