Castlewellan Holiday Week


Main Marquee Speaker

The Main Speakers this year will be Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, Bishop of the German Methodist Church and Rev Dr Barry Sloan, Mission Partner and Director of Evangelism for the German Methodist Church.

Bischoefin Rosemarie Wenner

Rosemarie Wenner was born in and grew up in Eppingen, nurtured by a small UMC congregation in southern Germany. She studied at the United Methodist Theological Seminary in Reutlingen and served as pastor of congregations in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Hockenheim and Darmstadt-Sprendlingen before her appointment as superintendent of the Frankfurt District in 1996. In February 2005, she was elected bishop at the Germany Central Conference in Wuppertal – the first woman elected to the United Methodist episcopacy outside of the United States. Bishop Wenner is married to Tobias Wenner and they live in Nussloch, Germany.



Barry and Gillian Sloan, our Mission Partners in Chemnitz, are originally from Greenisland, Northern Ireland. Barry is Director of Evangelism for the German United Methodist Church. Gillian is part of the launch team of a fresh expression of church called ‘Inspire’.