Castlewellan Holiday Week


Hello Everyone
We hope you are all keeping safe and well.
We thought it was well and truly time for an update on CHW 2021.
The organising committee has been meeting to work out a way forward.
There have been ongoing conversations with the Secretary of Conference who has been in regular contact with the Northern Ireland Office and the government in the Republic of Ireland, especially with officials in the Health Department.
In the most recent conversations, the question of Castlewellan Holiday Week, (amongst other areas such as Conference) was brought to the attention of those involved.
Advice was sought as to the wisdom of bringing 600 people together for a week to 10 days from around the island of Ireland and then sending them back to their places of origin.
The advice received was that this would not be a wise thing to do.
While the vaccination programme is going ahead it is unlikely that it will be fully completed in NI by the summertime and very likely that it will be further behind in the Republic.
There is also the concern that while the vaccine will limit how ill you may become, it is not known how much it will stop you from getting the virus, if at all, or if it stops you from passing it on.
Therefore, it was suggested that it is likely that restrictions will still be in place for quite some time. This means that next summer may not be that different from last summer.
In light of this information, the CHW committee have taken the decision reluctantly, to move this summer’s event online. We will organise a weekend of activities that will happen from 30th July to 1st August. This will be a free event. We would rather take the decision now and provide something with the flavour of a normal CHW than wait to see what happens and not be able to provide anything as happened last year.
Thank you for your understanding.
Watch this space for the CHW Connect: a programme and activities for all ages.
(on behalf of the CHW committee)